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Tyson Moultrie & Andre Roberts  talk #deCodedSexes on The Advise Show with Phil

Host, Phil Scott welcomes Tyson Moultrie & A.L. Roberts on The Advise Show to discuss how they are using Snapchat to create the social media’s first TV network WHYBM and their top show #deCoded Sexes.

Original Interview Air Date: 28 AUG 2016


deCODED Sexes Season 1 Poster

Andre Roberts & Tyson Moultrie talk #deCodedSexes on #ConversationsLIVE

Host Cyrus Webb welcomes Andre Roberts aka A.L. and Tyson Moultrie to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss how they are using Snapchat in a big way with their show deCoded Sexes on the platform’s first TV network WHYBM.

Original Interview Air Date: 25 AUG 2016

deCODED Sexes Wins Sage Award in Media Innovation

deCODED Sexes Season 1 Poster

deCODED Sexes Season 1 Poster

As of August 1, 2016, deCODED Sexes won its first award from the Sage Institute for Media Innovation in quality programming. Read below to see what the Sage Institute said about deCODED Sexes and the WHYBM Network:



“deCODED Sexes is a SnapChat based show from the WHYBMNetwork that highlights the differences between gender roles in a creative, fun, and uplifting way.  The show stars a panel of guests who answer questions, make comments, and inform the viewer about a variety of subjects.

One of the things we love about this show is that while it has a humorous and lighthearted tone, its main intent is actually to inform and teach while it entertains.  Issues such as sociology, gender relations, and societal expectations based on our identities are highlighted and challenged.  The panel shares experiences that they have had based on relationships or other experiences, and the audience laughs along while they’re also thinking and relating to the characters.

We at the Sage Institute are proud to present deCODED Sexes with a Media Innovation Award!  Tackling complicated subject matters in ways that are relatable and easy to access is the hallmark of quality programming.  We love deCODED Sexes, and can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

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deCODED Sexes First Officially Recognized Snapchat TV Series

deCODED Sexes Season 1 PosterIt’s official, deCODED Sexes is the first TV Style show on Snapchat to be recognized as TV & Film by way of the International Movie database (IMDb). Also making the WHYBM Network the first Snapchat TV Network with its own original programming.

Also, deCODED Sexes is currently in consideration for awards & participation at the NY Lift-Off Film Festival (Smartphone Films Category), Bath Film Festival (BFF IMDb New Filmmaker & Shorts Categories), Inte Cinema Film Festival (Short Fiction & Short Documentary Categories), Women and Minorities in Media Film Festival (Comedy Category) as well as a few different New Media & Innovation Awards. deCODED Sexes also received an invite to participate in the Sundance Film Festival. People are taking notice and a recurring comment of the media & film Industry never saw, imagined or thought of this use of Snapchat (paraphrased).

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Enrepreneurs Launch World’s First Snapchat TV Network


New York – With Snapchat eclipsing more than 150 million users and 10 billion views daily, it’s time the second screen see it’s first social media TV Network via Snapchat in the WHYBM Network. The WHYBM Network is the first social media mobile TV Network, having started doing so in October 2014, to have migrated and adapted nicely to the US millennial-driven app.

Many inside, and outside, of the tech and entertainment world are also taking note, and these people have decided to tap into one of the most powerful elements in the world, that of social media, TV and short form content. The result could shake the foundations of all. Two entrepreneurs have released a new network solely on Snapchat, using the native “My Story” function to deliver well formatted diverse content.

The first official IMDb recognized episode, or snapisode as the WHYBM Network have coined it, debuts on July 19, it is called deCODED Sexes. The series is set to air for 12 snapisodes. WHYBM Network plans to expand programming considerably with more than 15 beta-tested show concepts that have been seen by their Network’s collective viewership of more than 80,000. Plans are to release the series in a Snapchat formatted TV schedule now until the remainder of the year having show seasons going on and off to truly bring the TV feel to short form social media content.

Those who the network wishes to onboard will consist of some of this generation’s most creative and engaging personalities and brands. It is a work of love, sweat and tears, but ultimately, it is a new creation of a concept the founders foresee will take off.

“When trying to create something new, the challenge is seeing how far an idea can be pushed. However, when it comes to working with [Tyson Moultrie], a new discovery was reached. There are no bounds, and WHYBM Network is the most ideal representation of what we see as the next frontier in media,” said A.L. Roberts, co-founder and brand synergist of Why Blue Matters.

So many are struggling to break into the world of  social media that they are spending their days desperate to find a niche and innovate in s pace where everything seems to have been done already. The founders of WHYBM Network have successfully broken ground and are positive they won’t be the only one’s once large media networks catch wind.

“In a world so full of innovation and creation one often struggles to find a way to be unique, original, or the first of its kind. We took the opportunity to build something with WHYBM Network and set out to revolutionize The World’s First Snapchat TV Network.  I believe we not only did that, but with quality and innovation that will put us among some of the top content creators out, yet set us apart. I mean, I hope we can adapt this concept to much more content and mediums,” said Tyson Moultrie co-founder and chief communications officer of Why Blue Matters.

WHYBM Network is done and has a dynamic website to match the desire and vision of the founders. Interested users are encouraged to subscribe online and once released tune in to learn more about the network and its upcoming shows.
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