July 27, 2016 admin

deCODED Sexes First Officially Recognized Snapchat TV Series

deCODED Sexes Season 1 PosterIt’s official, deCODED Sexes is the first TV Style show on Snapchat to be recognized as TV & Film by way of the International Movie database (IMDb). Also making the WHYBM Network the first Snapchat TV Network with its own original programming.

Also, deCODED Sexes is currently in consideration for awards & participation at the NY Lift-Off Film Festival (Smartphone Films Category), Bath Film Festival (BFF IMDb New Filmmaker & Shorts Categories), Inte Cinema Film Festival (Short Fiction & Short Documentary Categories), Women and Minorities in Media Film Festival (Comedy Category) as well as a few different New Media & Innovation Awards. deCODED Sexes also received an invite to participate in the Sundance Film Festival. People are taking notice and a recurring comment of the media & film Industry never saw, imagined or thought of this use of Snapchat (paraphrased).

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