deCODED Sexes Season 1 Poster

deCODED Sexes is an American Snapchat-based comedy/advice reality television “battle of the sexes” series airing on the Snapchat TV Network, WHYBM Network. The series debuted on July 19, 2016 and features a new wave of various millennial pop culture entertainers, social media comics, athletes and specialized experts who tell the story of the special code of conduct that exists between men, women and genders. deCODED Sexes is the first TV Style show on Snapchat to be recognized officially by TV & Film. WHYBM Network, where deCODED Sexes airs, is also the first Snapchat TV Network with its own original programming. Its premiere air date was July 19, 2016 on the WHYBM Network Snapchat at 8pm/7c. The 21 Question formatted first season is set to air 1 snapisode, their coined phrase for an episode on Snapchat, a week for 12 weeks. Their first snapisode opened with more than 355,000 impressions across it, the following snapisode more doubled that number with over 800,000 impressions.


SCHEDULE: All New on Tuesdays @ 8pm/7c

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